Real Estate System
Web application for real estate management.

We have developed a web application for real estate management. The reason is that many of the available applications are not oriented to the Mexican market, carry expensive licenses of use or are inseparable from the trademark of the developer. With our application you can have an online real estate catalog with excellent features and at an affordable cost on your own website.

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Main features

  • White mark - The application only shows what you want, without logos or messages from third parties.
  • Corporate image - It adapts to your website and your brand, do not get entangled with the appearance, we adjust it to what you need.
  • Made in Mexico - For national needs. Includes postal codes and zones throughout the republic.
  • Details, images, maps - Everything you need to manage a catalog of online, complete and attractive properties.
  • Ready for mobile devices- Check and manage your property catalog wherever, just need an internet connection.